Viviana Sweet Potato Fettuccine

It's Halloween, October 31st, and I'm getting my Viviana blog post just in under the wire for National Pasta Month. And in reality, it's fitting that I post today, because this fettuccine is orange, just like pumpkins, right? And  I actually prepared it on October 17th, which was National Pasta Day. (I'm a bit tardy in posting, I know...)

I had heard about Viviana because they had donated pasta to the Gluten Free Camp at Manitou-Lin that is sponsored by the Michigan Capital Celiac Support Group. I have never found Viviana Pasta at any of my local stores though. So I was pretty excited when I found out their sweet potato fettuccine would be coming in my Taste Guru box. 

But then the question is, what does one make with Sweet Potato Fettuccine? What type of protein do you serve with it, and what type of sauce? I couldn't imagine eating it with a red sauce, and I did not have any white sauce in the house. Viviana had very few recipes for their products, so I had to look elsewhere online. I finally settled on serving it with pan-seared chicken with sauteed mushrooms and a white sauce that my husband found a recipe for on the internet.

The pasta itself is rather beautiful. It's quite obvious that the pasta is handmade, because they aren't uniformly the same size. I had a pasta machine once, and tried to make homemade pasta. It's hard. I sold my pasta machine in a church rummage sale, and will GLADLY pay companies like Viviana to make it for me.

I love how it's somewhat twisted....kind of like some of my friends :) 

The great thing is not only is it visually beautiful, it's wonderfully delicious as well. It's not overly thick, but just thick enough to remind you that someone took the time and care to make this by hand, and gives you a great mouthful of sweet potato flavor in every bite. To be honest, I think both my husband I were were quite surprised just how much we liked it. Lucky for us, I only made half the box and therefore have two more servings waiting for me to cook in the future. Yum!

The pasta without the sauce, so you can see it's vibrant color.