Taste Guru

I recently ordred a Taste Guru box through a Living Social promotion, which only cost me $11, plus  99 cents for shipping. This was  particularly good deal.

If you are unfamiliar with Taste Guru it is a gluten-free box of the month club. Some of the items are new to the market- some are tried and true big name company items.

Taste Guru is not the only company out there doing this type of service. Quite honestly, the subscription box market has many players. I originally started blogging because of my involvement with a company called Savorfull, but there are others like Tasterie, Gfreely, and many more that don't cater to food allergies.

The cool thing about subscription businesses like this is that when you receive your box, it's like getting  a surprise present. You don't always know what is in it, and usually there is something REALLY awesome inside. For me, there are often things that I've been meaning to try but have not bought yet, so it usually works out well.

Taste Guru has quickly become quite a big name in the gluten free world. They are based out of Colorado, which is like the meca for all food allergies and gluten free living. (Udi's, Glutino and Canyon Bakehouse are all there as well.) Due to the recent flooding, my box came a little late, but the staff sent me a UPS tracking code to track my package so I could anticipate its arrival.

And here it is!  Not only did the box include a bunch of food, but it also included a voucher for a free copy of Gluten Free Living magazine, and a form that says "Gluten Free" with a long line after it. You're supposed to write in what gluten free means to you, take your picture with and send it in to Taste Guru. Those that do are entered for a drawing for a free subscription to Taste Guru. How I haven't managed to do it yet, I have no idea.....

There are some things in the box I was immediately excited about, some I had already tried, and some that I was not quite so sure about.

As I've previosuly mentioned, I am an ambassador for Udi's and Glutino, and I am familiar with many of their products. I've had their breakfast bars and they are the closest thing equivalent I've ever tasted to  NutriGrain bar. Actually, if you were blindfolfed, you may think you're eating a NutriGrain bar. I've tried to be good and not eat all of their apple sweetness at once, and save them for when I really need a quick snack to eat on the road.

I've been hearing great things about the Toufayan wraps, and had seen them in the store. I'm not a huge wrap fan. I usually just eat salads for lunch, and tend to stick with corn tortillas in general, due to the fact they are so much cheaper. They're pretty good, and only 110 calories per large wrap. The ingredient list is rather long though. They were fun to have, but doubt that I will purchase them again. There is just something about gluten free wraps that tend to fall apart no matter how hard you try. I'd rather have a piece of homemade GF bread. I will say though, in regards to customer service, they were great at answering come questions I had and were sending me some coupons to make up for a problem.

One of the items in the box was  Sea Fare Pacific Smoked Salmon Chowder that was sealed in a plastic pouch and does not need refriegeration. I love the idea of meals like this, as you often need to think to take food with you when you live on a gluten free diet, and there isn't always a refrigerator or freezer handy. I took the soup with me to church. It was tasty, with hearty chunks of fish and potatoes. It also had a hearty calorie count for a small amount of food. It was very good but I don't think I would purchase it on a regular basis. It does make me want to recreate it at home on my own!

My husband really likes popcorn. I think he would eat it every night for a snack if you said the word popcorn in his presence. I was recovering from a sore throat when I received this box, so I passed off the Rocky Mountain popcorn to him. He said it was good, but he felt that it had a fake butter taste...but that didn't keep himm from polishing off the bag. :)

I was wary of the Cook Simple meal, because I have tried three of them before, and wasn't really fond of them. My experience with this product truly deserves a blolgpost of its own, which you can read here. (Spoiler, I really liked this one!)

Finally tried the pasta mid-October. Here's a  link to how I prepared it. Please leave a comment below letting me know what you would make with it!