Taste Guru Monthly Subscription Box

Recently Taste Guru reached out to our support group to tell us more about their product. They were nice enough to let me raffle off a box to our members and share a box with me as well.  I was excited when I opened the box because there were a few products that I've been really wanting to try!

In case you haven't heard about Taste Guru, they are one of the multiple monthly subscription box companies that offer gluten free items. They have been around for a few years and have upgraded their packaging and their boxes, which I think is an improvement. (Follow this link from when I wrote about them in 2013.)

Like other companies, they offer different lengths of subscriptions, from one month all the way to a year. These are great for a gifts, as care packages for those away from home, or for those looking to try new things every month. It's especially great if you live in a city with few gluten free options.

As a one month subscription costs $19 plus shipping, I wanted to do a cost breakdown of what came in this month's box. There were some that I couldn't find prices for, so I took a best guess to total up the items.

Better Batter brownie mix- $7.50 per box
Tea’s Tea Green Tea $1.00 (?)
Level Life Protein Snack Bar -1.25
Dang Coconut Chips - $2.50
Mamma Chia Squeeze - $1.75
Yum Earth Natural Sour Beans x 2 $1.00 (? )
IPS Egg White Chips - $1.75
Nocciolata Organic Hazlenut Spread $1.00 (?)
Swoffle Traditional Dutch Treat$1.80
Estimated Total- $19.55

Taste Guru was nice enough to offer our support group an added tote bag, a $10 value, for those that sign up, and they stated that I can share the same deal with my readers. Just follow this link or click on the image below to order yours! If you subscribe for 6 months or 12 months, you will receive bonus products as well!