Columbus GFFA Fest 2015

I had an amazing time this past weekend at the Columbus GFFA Fest! This event is organized by the Gluten Free and More Magazine (previously Living Without). I had the pleasure of meeting the organizers, presenters and some new companies. But for sure, the highlight of my weekend was the connections I made with others.

Saturday morning I enjoyed breakfast with Cindy Gordon (a.k.a. Vegetarian Mamma) and Pam Jordon (a.k.a I'm A Celiac) at Cherbourg Bakery. This may be my most favorite dedicated GF bakery in the whole world. Their egg strata with roasted red pepper and chevre was off the hook! I ordered a cinnamon donut as well, and Cindy and Pam even shared some bites of the things they ordered. It was like a GF baked good love fest.

I loved working at the Chebe table with Dick Reed, founder and creator of the company. He has the greatest laid back personality and is so genuine. We were able to introduce so many people to the product, as well as meet some long time fans. One man even shook Dick Reed's hand and told him that Chebe was a "lifesaver" for him when he was first diagnosed. I totally LOVE stories like that!I'm looking forward to working with him again this weekend at the Chicago GFAF Expo.

Plus I had the great pleasure of meeting Beth Hillson. I may have had a fan girl moment when Beth said she was so glad to shake hands and had been looking forward to meeting ME! Unfortunately I missed her demonstration on using your bread machine, but I'm sure it was fabulous! Wonderful lady for sure.

To top if off, I had an AMAZING dinner with Erica Dermer, a.k.a. Celiac and the Beast at BareBurger. I was so totally honored that she chose to have dinner with me! (And was totally non-judgemental when I locked my keys in the car and I had to call AAA.) I can't thank her enough for her friendship, encouragement and helpful suggestions.

Here are a few of the new products I was excited to try-

Power Pasta - So, I'm totally kicking myself for not getting a picture of the lovely red headed lady who is the face and creator of Power Pasta. Power Pasta is made from red lentils, is super good for you, and keeps you feeling full. I made sure to get a package to take home and I'll share more about it later!

Luna Kombucha - I'm new to the world of kombucha. If you don't' know what it is, is a fermented beverage that's a great probiotic and therefore great for your intestinal health. Think of it as a carbonated, good-for-you, fruity tea. Unfortunately they didn't have any for sale or I would have brought hom a case for sure!

Eban's Bakehouse - This bakery makes bread and cookies that doesn't just taste good, but is full of whole grain goodness. They use certified gluten free oat flour, so I can't eat it. But I took home a bag of their rolls for my non-gf hubby, and he really enjoyed them.

Bake Me Happy - Wendy from Bake Me Happy is just the sweetest thing ever. I bought one of the awesome t-shirts she is wearing and look forward to stopping at her bakery next time I'm in town and tasting her scones.

Fresh Thyme Market- I was so excited that Fresh Thyme market was there! They are opening a store in E. Lansing, Michigan this week, and was looking forward to talking to their staff about being involved in the Lansing Gluten Free Fair. Kim and her team were super nice and I look forward to talking to Kim again in the very near future!
NIMA - This is a new gluten detection technology.This portable sensor will allow you to discretely test your food in under 2 minutes and will have an app so you can easily share the info with others. Be sure to go to their website to ( for more info!