Canyon Bakehouse - Bagels and Bites

I remember when I was 1st diagnosed with Celiac Disease and had my first gluten free bagel. It was small and hard and reminded me a bit of a hockey puck. 


Thank goodness that Canyon Bakehouse has created a better bagel! 

They recently introduced their new Plain and Everything bagels. And not only do they have that great bagel chew on the outsdie and soft interior, they're also full of whole grains. 
They're free of gluten, dairy, soy and nuts, as well as artificial fillers and additives. 

 Canyon Bakehouse was gracious enough to send me a package with both of their new bagels. I used the Everything bagels to attempt to recreate my favorite sandwich, the Vermaire, made at Marie Catrib's, a restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Picture above is Canyon Bakehouse's Everything Bagel with cream cheese, cranberries, Provolone cheese, spinach, and lean turkey meat. It was so delicious!

I also used the Everything bagel as a bun for my burger. The "savory blend of garlic, onion, poppy and sunflower seeds" added a nice compliment. While it was creative, their buns are definitely better for this.

Bagels are not the only new thing that Canyon Bakehouse has released. In their first foray into sweet baked goods, their brownie bites are a hit. They feature a deep chocolate flavor without being overly sweet. One bite has 110 calories per 0.7 oz bite, has no trans fats and only 1 gram of saturated fat, and is made with non-GMO cane sugar- no HFCS! They were tasty a la mode with my non-dairy banana "ice cream."

I will say that for such a small bite that they are high in calories, as sugar is the first ingredient. These are definitely a once in a while, which is a stroke of will power, as it would be easy to sit down and eat all 9 in the package in one sitting!

If you'd like to learn more about the rest of the products that Canyon Bakehouse makes, 
you can read more here about the first time they shared their products with me. 
You can purchase their products at the larger Target stores as well as purchasing them online.  You can also sign up for their "Bread Club" and get regularly scheduled shipments to your home!

***While I was given free product to review, I was not paid for my comments.
My thoughts and opinions are completely my own.***