One of the reasons I love going to the Chicago Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in Schaumburg is that I get to meet new companies I've never tried before. In an event that often has lots of baked goods, I was so glad Goya was there with a bean salad and veggies. They also sent me a few of their products to try. 

To be honest, I've never had coconut water before. Straight from box, it's not really
 something I enjoy, but it adds a sweetness when cooking. 
The Mojo Chipotle is for those who like a lot of spice in their life. While it's a bit strong for my sensitive stomach, my husband really enjoys it. A little really does go a long way! 
The Sazonador Total is an all purpose seasoning salt. With ingredients like garlic powder, onion powder, salt, oregano, cumin and parsley, it is a great seasoning for lots of things. As a warning, it does contain added MSG and has 150 mg of sodium per half teaspoon. 

We spent a Saturday in the kitchen getting creative, and decided to 
make fish tacos with a chipotle crema. 

After I thawed and drained the cod, I patted it dry to get out the extra water, and lightly brushed it with nonfat Greek yogurt. I then coated it in a mixture of crushed coconut chips and the Sazonador. I didn't measure the ingredients, but just mixed in enough seasoning until it looked "right." 

Isn't this fish just beautiful!
 For the "crema" I mixed together some Greek yogurt, a touch of the Mojo, and some coconut water.

1/4 c. greek yogurt, 1 1/2 tsp coconut water and 3/8 tsp of Mojo Chipotle
After the fish broiled approximately 2.5 minutes per side, dinner was ready. Along with homemade corn tortillas and some peas, this dinner sure was a winner! 

Which Goya products have you tried and love?