Top 10 places to eat gluten free in Michigan

On the wall at Live Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe
Photo Courtesy of Margaret Clegg

I've been writing on the side for a great website called Awesome Mitten. This site highlights all the great and sometimes unknown things about this great state where I live. I recently posted about the Top 10 gluten free restaurants in Michigan. Read more about it here!

Here are links to the restaurants on the list -
Renee's Pizzeria

Live Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe

Moo Cluck Moo
**Moo Cluck Moo is no longer a dedicated gluten-free restaurant. Read here for more info.** 8/16

Without Wheat

The Little Mustard Seed Cafe and Shop

Buon Gusto
**Buon Gusto has been sold to new owners. It is unclear of the food allergy precautions they will take..** 8/16

Marie Catrib's

Noble Restaurant 

Flap Jack Shack - Dewitt location only

Fenton Fire Hall

What other independent restaurants do you feel should be on this list? Are they a dedicated gluten free restaurant? If not, what steps do they take to prevent cross-contact?

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