Bake It Best Q&A with Linda Fedewa

Photo Credit: Linda Fedewa

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you're no stranger to Bake It Best and Linda Fedewa's baking skills. She spent her life baking amazing things for others. Wedding cakes, graduation cakes, even cakes for the governor. But I know her better as just Linda, local baker and friend. 

You can read more about her baking products on what I've made with her flour. I think that's what I appreciate most about her. She has made some of the most amazing baked goods. She still does. But she has a heart for helping home bakers succeed. You can read more about Linda in her own words. 

Photo Credit: Linda Fedewa

1. ​What​ inspired you to become a ​b​aker​?​ Why the focus on gluten-free?
I've been baking all of my life. For 35 years I've been baking cakes, cookies, and everything in between. I am known for my cake decorating skills, making wedding cakes for parties big and small. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost two decades ago, and it made it more difficult to run my traditional business, A Piece O' Cake. We sold the business and chose to focus on baking for the gluten-free needs among us. I spent years, dedicated to developing the perfect flour blend. While we still bake for others, we love distributing our flour blend so people can have great results in their home baking.

2. Are there other highlights of your products?  Dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free etc?
Our Bake it Best Bread Flour blend is actually made with no rice, so finally people can have a wonderful piece of rice-free toast in the morning! Our flours are soy free and dairy free. My baked goods are made with butter.
Photo Credit: Linda Fedewa
3. What steps do you take to insure that your products are truly gluten-free?
Our flour is blended and packaged to our specifications in a certified, dedicated gluten-free mill in Michigan.

4  Can you share a story of a customer who's been greatly impacted by your business?
You can read some reviews on our Facebook page. Here's one I can share:
"This flour is the best of the best! I am not gluten-free but when baking with Bake It Best friends and I cannot tell the difference in this gluten-free flour and regular flour! Bake It Best has painstakingly taken years to perfect their products for you, the customer. The taste is superb and for those who are gluten-free your body will thank you!

Photo Credit: Linda Fedewa
5. What would you like consumers to know about your products and your business?
After 35 years of baking, I'm "retired," I do still take orders for very special cakes and cookies, along with holiday baking.

Bake It Best
Portland, MI
Hours Vary
Contact her through her website

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Bake It Best and Linda Fedewa do not have a storefront. Sometimes she's at a local farmer's market in the summer where her bread is a big seller. She's also been known to teach baking classes.
You can find her products online on her website.  Follow her Facebook to watch for market dates
Bake It Best is one of many great, dedicated gluten-free bakeries across the state of Michigan. Make sure to follow along with my #MichigansBestGF Bakery Search and learn about over 20 gluten-free bakers in Michigan. Click this link for a comprehensive list of all the gluten-free bakers in Michigan, as well as an interactive map so you can visit them all! 
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