Hodgson Mill's Gluten Free Bread Mix

I love a bargain. I have a confession- whenever I am at the store I am automatically looking for orange stickers- orange stickers that show a product is on clearance. 

A little while ago I found 2 boxes of Hodgson Mill's Gluten Free Bread Mix ON CLEARANCE! 
Major score! 

I don't usually by Hodgson Mill products, as I'm a big Bob's Red Mill fan, especially when it comes to bread mix. But they were less than $1.50 a box so it was worth the shot. 

So the other day that I finally took the mix out of the cupboard to prepare it. I have a bread machine that I use for all of my mixes. Honestly, I think the yeast in this world is secretly conspiring against me, as I can never get yeast bread to rise while resting in open air. This is why my bread machine is my best friend when it comes to fresh baked bread. I usually use the basic bread setting on my bread machine and the bread turns out fine, except for a little settling on the top of the loaf. 

If you are new to gluten free bread making, or new to gluten free at all, you may no know that bread machines and gluten free mixes are not always the best of friends. From my understanding, traditional machines have too many "rise" cycles that deflate the bread. (Regular bread has gluten, which provides more stability.) Some bread machines will allow you to set your own program. Mine's not that cool. 

So the pondering commences....do I but the mix in the bread machine on a basic cycle or try to make it the old fashioned way? 

Yeast scares me....I vote for the bread machine. 

All in all, it turned out okay. It was flat on top, like most gluten free breads. I have another box of this mix, and I'm thinking of putting it on the "dough" cycle next time and bake it in the oven to see if it turns out differently. (If I do, I'll update this post and share a picture!)

Either way, the bread tasted good, and I was glad that the main ingredients are made with bean flours, which are great source of nutrition. 

***Update 12/2013- So I tried making the bread dough in my bread machine and then baking it in a loaf pan in the oven. BIG mistake. Well, it wasn't a disaster, but it was a disappointment for me. I must just have a really great bread machine, even if there isn't a "gluten free cycle." I read someplace that GF bread needs pans with high walls, so I think that's why baking it in the bread machine works better. 

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