2013 in review

The first full year of blogging has almost come to an end, and I am so grateful and amazed that people have taken time out of their day to read my blog almost 14,000 times. And it seems that many of you have the same taste that I do...that is, a taste for pizza. Four of my top ten most viewed posts were about pizza this year. (And I already have another pizza idea for after the first of the year!)

Here's a list of my top ten posts of 2013
Camp Manitou-Lin (Gluten Free Kids Camp)
Spanky's Pizza (A GREAT pizzeria in Fremont, MI)
Boston's Pizza (A new-to us-chain restaurant that serves GF pizza)
Chebe's English Muffin Pizzas
On vacation....gluten free (A great look at gluten free options in Michigan)
Viola Fe's Bake Shoppe (A post about a local baker starting a gluten free bakery.)
Rudi's Gluten Free Tortillas
A tale of two pizzas
Gluten Free Pillsbury Pie Crust
No More Belly Aching  (a local bakery that makes gluten-free, dairy-free baked goods)

But since you've already read most of these, here's a list of posts from this past year you may not have seen that are worth taking a look at!

Who should eat gluten free?
Gluten Free Trio
My Celiac Story
Flavors of Africa
Wow Wow (GF) Chow Mein
Gluten Free Enchiladas
When Gluten Free Tastes Normal
Massel Stocks
26th Annual Celiac Conference
LiveSmart Raw Bar

And looking into next year I will be doing a review for Canyon Bakehouse and doing a giveaway.

Also, Curves Complete is updating their website and is constantly adding new recipes. I'm eager to start cooking again the Curves Complete way and sharing healthy things with you again. I think I've sampled too many sugary things and I'm on overload! Time to cleanse the system and get back to lots of vegetables.

And hopefully there will be lots of little known companies that we will get the chance to meet for the first time and get the word out to you. There are so many Michigan businesses starting up trying to make gluten free good AND healthy, which is so important. And thanks to Find Me Gluten Free, we will be trying to get the word out about being able to eat out gluten free in so many more places.

Happy New Year!