Year in Review: Top 10 Posts on MI Gluten Free Gal

It's that time of the year. We're all watching TV and googling "year in review," trying to remember what on Earth happened this year. If your memory is just as shot as mine, you're so thankful for these things. Because let's be honest, I don't even remember what I wore yesterday. (Clothes, I'm sure.)

So here is a recap of the top 10 posts on MI Gluten Free Gal in 2015!

10: Wheatless   

I seriously love this restaurant. The decor when you walk in seems so unique in this 100% gluten-free restaurant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. There are so many things on the menu that I've been missing, even though I've been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for over a decade. Mozzarella sticks. Fried Pickles. Blow your mind French toast. Added bonus- seriously superb staff to boot.

If you like to travel, you might also like Sumo Sushi in Rochester, Michigan. Quaint little town, small adorable shops, and a great coffee shop on the main drag too!

9: Al Dente Gluten Free Pasta (with giveaway)

I LOVE supporting gluten-free Michigan-made products. I'm the co-chair for a gluten-free food fair every year, and it brings me so much joy. When I saw in the Find Me Gluten Free news feed that a local company was adding gluten-free pasta to their line-up, I called them that very day. Al Dente gluten-free pasta is definitely one of my favorite pastas, hands down.

If you're a pasta lover, check out my recipe for No-Boil Baked Ziti on Freedible It's a great website developed just for people with food restrictions!

8: Send Me Gluten Free Review and Giveaway

Like so many, I'm eager to try new products. The services of the Gluten Free Media  Group have become so integral to my life. I use the Find Me Gluten Free app religiously, and now they have a subscription box service to send gluten-free goodies to your door. This year they were nice enough to partner with me to do a giveaway with one of their products. Based on the number of people who have read this article, you are as excited about this service as I am!

I've also reviewed Taste Guru, which has since been acquired by Love With Food. LWF's GF boxes are curated by G-Free Foodie!

7: Chicago GFAF Expo with ticket giveaway
Me with Joel Warady of Enjoy Life Foods

This was my second year as a media blogger at the GFAF Expo, and my first year as a vendor assistant. Just one more way that the Gluten Free Media Group has become integral in my life. While I love trying so many new foods at this event, I love even more learning the "why" behind the businesses that I'm supporting. Plus, I always get the chance to spend time with my gf BFF's, Keeley McGuire and Cindy Gordon. :)

If you like the GFAF expos, the GFFA Fest put on by Gluten Free and More magazine is a GREAT place to go. Check out my review from my first time going in Columbus!

6: Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Thanksgiving

One of my biggest achievements this year was being on the news, twice. One of my segments was about giving tips on how to make Thanksgiving and the holidays easier for you and your families when trying to navigate food allergies. I'm looking forward to creating a similar post for future holidays, because this is definitely a tricky issue.

And if you want all of those flavors wrapped up together, I highly suggest reading about my experiment in making a Thanksgiving dinner pastie with Chebe mix. Epic!

5: Noble Restaurant

I visited Noble Restaurant in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area as part of my Top 10 Michigan restaurant tour. This small diner has a great menu and a lot of heart. The fried chicken is ama-zing and the wait staff make you feel at home. I don't think life gets much better than that.

And if you decide to make the jaunt over to the west side of Michigan, make sure to check out Live Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe as well. One word- CUPCAKES.

4: Krusteaz Gluten Free Products at Sam's

Knowing how well this rated is somewhat bittersweet. This is because Sam's stop carrying these products. I've really loved baking with this flour - everything from pancakes to pie crust. When my local Big Lots had the 5 pound bags for $2.50 I snatched up 2 bags. Wish I would have bought more.

If you want to see how it stacks up to other flours, read about my experiment with muffin tops!

3: Fenton Fire Hall

The latest addition in the Union Joints chain of restaurants truly does not disappoint. With slow-roasted meat and ice cream made with nitrogen, what's not to like? If you haven't been there yet, it needs to be on your 2016 bucket list!

You know who else has great ice cream? Hudsonville! Made right here in Michigan. Their new Naturals line is definitely a favorite.

2: Gluten Free Special K Cereal

To be honest, I'm surprised this post had so many hits. Maybe it's because those with Celiac Disease and other gluten-related health issues so desperately missed Special K. Maybe it's because there are hundreds of Seventh-Day Adventists that were looking for a gluten-free recipe for Special K loaf. Either way, you all seemed to like it!

If you liked that recipe, check out my husband's thighs. I mean, his Braised Chicken Thighs. Slow cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms and veggies, it's a definite hit our house!

1: Culver's Has Gluten-Free Buns

A fast food chain with gluten-free buns is kind of a big deal around here. Because of Culver's individually wrapped, cross-contamination free buns, we too can "haz cheezburger." I was blown away that this has been viewed by over 1,000 people! I'm so glad to be of service.

Looking for a nice sit-down restaurant with gluten-free buns? Aubree's is just down the street from Culver's. They have gluten-free buns, as well as pasta and pizza crust. Read my review and tips about their "gluten-friendly" menu.

A  big thank you all of you you for reading my thoughts over this past year. Based on what you've been reading most, I'll be trying to visit more restaurants, do more giveaways, and write tips on how to navigate this disease on a day to day basis. (You can read more about my plans for 2016 here.) I'm always eager to hear your feedback on what you want and need to read about. Please leave me comments below!